Media Kit

Bringing the
Right Audience
to You!

Our Audience

Our audience and those we target for the brands we represent include a wide, diverse range of patriots who want content and information that's relevant to them:


Americans who lean right (Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents) frequent our sites regularly for conservative commentary.

News Junkies

Most members of our audience have an appetite for news and commentary, and they value staying well-informed.


Most of our audience members are college graduates, and a healthy portion have achieved a post-graduate education.


Our audience includes the grandparents and retirees — with varied interests and a large amount of free time and spending money.


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Many members of our audience own their own homes, and enjoy home improvement and landscaping.

Sports Fans

Much of our audience loves American sports and keeps up with them — from college football to NASCAR.


Gun enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen, campers, and other outdoorsmen regularly follow our sites.

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