June 21st, 2022, Edition

Mao Tse-Tung Josef Stalin

America Is Heading Down the Pathway Where Government Replaces God. This Is the Religion of Totalitarianism. Individual Rights Are Eliminated. Collective Rights Are Supreme. This Is Godless, Atheistic Communism.

This a must watch video that will help you understand the reason for the rapid descent of the social and political fabric of our nation into the cesspool of destruction and death caused by the rise of Totalitarianism. This political movement must be resisted by every Christian Patriot and freedom loving American.

-Dr. Steven Hotze (Video 13:32 min)


Adolph Hitler

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

-Dr. Joe Mercola


The GMO industry — which is funded, propped up and defended by the tech and chemical industries — is now seeking to replace beef, poultry, dairy and fish with synthetic biology, cultured meat, precision fermentation, cellular-based and gene edited foods

Transitioning to cultured meat, made from animal cells grown in a petri dish, is a Great Reset goal for the global food industry. The aim is to control populations by creating dependence on private companies that control the food supply


Josef Stalin, Russian Premier, WW II

The Left Wants to Jail Its Political Opponents

Tom Fitton, judicialwatch.org

Complete List of 800 FEMA Concentration Camps 2021 | The Road To Hell…FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.


The controlled demolition of FOOD and ENERGY infrastructure is now under way… prepare or get crushed

-Mike Adam, Natural News

The global destruction of food and energy infrastructure is accelerating by the day. The goal is rather obvious at this point: To destroy human civilization and starve as many people to death as possible by any means necessary.

Those who don’t yet realize this is happening will be destroyed by it.

Some of the astonishing highlights of this deliberate depopulation scheme are covered in today’s podcast:


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