DeDonato Enterprises, LLC is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Metro-Atlanta that specializes in reaching the conservative / religious audiences.

Among other assets, DeDonato operates numerous social media accounts across several platforms, owns an active database of 12+ million opt-in email subscribers, and publishes a network of monetized political/news websites generating 10+ million-page views per month. Some of our marquis sites include and In addition, DeDonato operates a coffee shop in Hiram, GA, and e-commerce websites including,,, and

CBMJ, Inc. (OTC: CBMJ) acquired DeDonato Enterprises in 2020 and DeDonato operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Our mission is to restore America’s Constitutional Republic through responsible journalism and commerce. Not only do we serve our direct customers by developing and providing products for sale through email marketing and the distribution of original content, we assist third party clients in a varied collection of the same activities. These two revenue streams, blended with list rental opportunities and our growth mindset that initiates and solidifies relevant acquisitions, provide a continual increase in responsibilities and relevance for our company and each team member involved.

Our values are simple, and easy to remember:

  • We create and market high quality products we love and that affirm our target market.
  • We help our clients create and market their brand/company as if it is our own.
  • Our marketing and actions are accurate, compelling, and consistent.
  • We actively promote, sell, and serve our clients and customers 24/7.
  • We will be profitable every month and realize growth every quarter.
  • Our thoughts and actions are positive, collaborative, energizing, and team-oriented.

Together we will reach our objectives, realize our mission statement on a daily basis, through following our values and utilizing our mindset of teamwork.

We believe facilitating growth – personally and professionally – as our responsibility and make many efforts to ensure that our team members are enriched and empowered to fulfill their roles in the company and the world.

We value agility, teamwork, positivity, creativity, and enthusiasm. We prioritize intentional action, and strive to help you not only win at work, but also enjoy a successful personal life. We love what we do – and we love using each team member’s unique strengths, skills, talents, and opinions.

By working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deep into your specialty and grow with us. You’ll be inspired to pursue out-of-the-box thinking, creatively overcome challenges, and work with the rest of the team to achieve big, wildly audacious goals. You’ll get to sharpen your skills through regular constructive feedback and celebrate individual and collective wins frequently.

We believe in quality time with your loved ones and personal life, so ample time off, subsidized health insurance, and a matching 401(k) are all benefits you’ll enjoy as a full-time employee.

In our company, you won’t be micro-managed or discouraged from speaking up. We give clear directives, ongoing guidance, and competent, encouraging team members will come alongside you to jump over hurdles. We communicate extensively through Slack and email and you’ll always have the ability to ask for help, guidance, feedback, and confirmation (and affirmation!). We are seeking to create an intentional culture of collaboration, energy, and excessive achievement.

We have many remote employees, but at least twice per year we collectively group together in person at our HQ in the Atlanta area (usually for our Spring/Summer Staff Retreat and our Holiday Party). More local employees who’s duties and responsibilities do not require physical presence for shifts are able to take advantage of a blend of remote and in-person meetings on a routine basis.

If you are positive, confident, extremely competent, willing to work well with and serve others, and excited to work with a company that values you, we look forward to your application! We only hire people who are highly skilled and possess impeccable standards of reliability and effort.

Our team is focused, diligent, creative, and strategic and we are interested in creating a team that espouses our mission and values. As a member of our team, you will be highly valued, respected, empowered, and able to hone important objectives.

We believe that we are our best at work when we’re our best as people. In an effort to ensure you can be your best as a person, these are some of the benefits we offer to full-time employees to empower you to transform your life while your work transforms our company–and the world.

  • 401(k) with Safe Harbor Employer Contribution – We have targeted plans to achieve maximum results based on your specific retirement year through Vanguard, plus we match 100% of your deferral up to 3% and 50% of your 3-5% deferral. We believe in providing our team with the tools to achieve success in all areas of life, now and in the future.
  • $100,000 Life Insurance Benefit with AD&D & Long Term Disability Insurance – Our company-sponsored group life and long term disability insurance coverage is active as long as you’re employed with the company, with the option to transfer it to an individual policy upon exit if you so choose. We believe in ensuring our team members are confident they and their loved ones will be protected no matter what could happen.
  • Paid Parental Leave, Volunteer Leave, Voter Leave, Bereavement Leave, Paid Holidays, plus ample Sick Leave and PTO – We celebrate the birth or adoption of a child, encourage the exercise of your right to vote for elected officials, the ability to grieve the loss of loved ones, and to rest assured knowing that sickness and vacations are amply provided for without your budget suffering.
    1. Salaried full-time employees receive 2 weeks of paid vacation per year, 4 weeks after your third year of employment and 6 weeks after 7 years of employment and 12 paid holidays, plus 2 floating holidays/personal days per year.
    2. Hourly full-time and part-time employees accrue 2 hours of paid leave per 40 hours worked and 5.5 paid holidays.
    3. Sick leave is accrued by all employees at a rate of 1 hour per 25 hours worked.
  • Fitness and Mental Well-Being Stipend – We offer a $20 per month stipend to full-time employees for gym membership, fitness classes/training, mental health professionals, chiropractic, etc.
  • Subsidized Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Healthcare Cost Sharing Organization Stipend – We pay 85% of our full-time employees’ individual premium through our Health Insurance plan or as a stipend for Healthcare Cost Sharing organization membership. We pay 15% of Dental and Vision Insurance through our Plans.
  • Discounts on Company Products – We provide all of our team members with a complimentary pound of coffee of their choosing per week for personal consumption, plus all items sold by the company can be purchased at a 50% discount for personal use/gifting.
  • Access to Training, Classes, Seminars, Books, Subscriptions – We believe in growing professionally and offer ample reimbursement to allow you to pursue greater knowledge and hone your skills.
  • Access to Performance Coaching – Sometimes a bigger professional challenge just stumps you. We offer access to both the CEO and a professional coach for those big challenges life throws at you.

Reach out to with any questions or to submit your resume!